A Hillside Paradise in Mallorca

A Hillside Paradise in Mallorca

Welcome to our first edition of On the Road With Wings Of Wisdom, where we seek to explore new places that feel like home, inviting openness and connection / contemplation and a feeling of rest / recharge. Enter…. Hotel Corazon nestled in the mountainous hillside of Mallorca, in one of Spain’s Balearic Islands.

The Place

Midway between Deià and Sóller, Hotel Corazón is a 15-room haven settled within the hills of Tramuntana Mountains, blending the essence of a hotel, farm, restaurant, art space, and shop. From the outside, Hotel Corazón looks like a traditional Mallorcan finca, formerly a farm growing produce for the local community, whilst the General Manager indicated a former monastery. From this point, the intrigue to see more and absorb every corner of the place was palpable. But once passed through the classically beautiful entrada, it felt like time and space were starting to flow differently. Partly due to the incredible work by Deià architects Moredesign, and majorly resulting from the vision of owners and creators Kate and her partner,

Muted, earthy with a lot of terracotta, alabaster, ceramic, clay, and natural stone sets a calming setting inviting rest and contemplation, whilst the bustle of the terrace and outdoor area comes at a welcome surprise once we reach the upstairs.

The pool area feels like a time capsule to a place we’ve never been to, a mix of 1970’s Miami and Hawaiian Retro topped with an otherworldly a cacti landscape you’d immediately want to take home and replicate in your home garden.

The Room

Upon entering our room, we were greeted by a pistachio green ambiance with sharp contrast of chequered patterns and wooden details that simply all gel together - it just works. Going down the small wooden staircase, you feel the ‘monastery’ vibe and picture the devote Nun that would’ve walked these steps in absolute peace. It brought a special dimension to the place. The colour palette works beautifully, even the brass details of all bathroom fixtures makes it cool and artsy. Feels like home, let’s go explore.

Communal spaces

The hotel invites guests to take comfort in the one of many communal spaces. The most popular has got to be the lounge area, inspired by some type of Moroccan boudoir, fluffed with the most touchable of textures, it’s hard not to enter a dream-like state. There’s also the floor above, where the shop, reception and terrace sits. All these spaces simply make you want to create, converse, and exchange. We love.


The Food

One of the highlights of our weekend retreat was the culinary mastery of Chef Eliza Parchanska at Hotel Corazon. Drawing inspiration from Mallorca's bountiful produce and Mediterranean flavors, each dish was a masterpiece that delighted the senses and satisfied the palate. The menu is resctricted in meat options, which we love and did not miss at all. Dishes may seem small, but they are filling so rest assured you won’t be leaving hungry. Free from nasties, the menu draws inspiration from seasonal greens, vegetbles and fruits picked from the garden below. It cannot get better than this. From leisurely breakfasts by the pool to candlelit dinners under the stars, every meal was a celebration of gastronomic excellence crafted by Chef Eliza Parchanska.

For the Soul

Throughout our stay, Hotel Corazon provided ample opportunities for soulful rejuvenation. From invigorating hikes to selected spa treatments and yoga classes overlooking the green hills below there is plenty to nourish the body, mind, and soul, and you wouldn’t want much more. As we surrendered to the soothing embrace of connection with oneself and the cosmos, we felt a profound sense of renewal wash over us, leaving us feeling grateful, energised and inspired to create more, say ‘yes’ to what we feel is right and hit the road again very soon.