The eternal cycle or the ouroboros inspires some of the designs for luxury t shirts and accessories

Welcome to Wings of Wisdom and my first note. I wanted to create a place to share, to inspire each other, to dream and marvel at the possibilities of the universe. Somewhere we can look beyond the daily and into the unknown.

In times of uncertainty it feels great to escape a little and go further. I’ve been working on Wings of Wisdom awhile and it’s come into focus over the last six months. It was born out of a passion for symbolism, mysticism, astrology and exploring the depths of our consciousness. There’s a lot of you likeminded souls out there and together we can inspire each other to live with greater meaning by sharing wisdom, ideas to lift your heart, thoughts to provoke. We’re also busy creating a cabinet of curiosities to wear and to adorn the home, all made with open hearts and care for the planet.

With that in mind, we think it's pretty fitting to kickstart our journey into symbolism (and more) with the Ouroboros, which you see here as a serpent biting its tail. The Ouroboros symbolises the concept of eternity and endless return. When we feel like we can’t see the end of it, desperate for change and losing hope, know that it's all cyclical, with a beginning and an end. Always. 

Stay tuned in by joining the Wings of Wisdom newsletter list and I hope you enjoy the ride. 

See you next week,

Cathy x