Healers We Love

Healers We Love

We present here our take on the best healers based in London, who all have been gifted with different healing capabilities. Dive into our insightful shortlist below, based on personal experience and our own research, of course the breadth of spiritual advisors in the world is not limited to our selection:


Due to her amazing ability to identify the underlying causes of emotional problems and bad habits, Estelle Bingham is the healer to turn to when you are at your wits' end and feel physically, emotionally, and mentally defeated.  Estelle's healing method is pretty remarkable because there are no discussions or chats to learn the reason you came to see her. Instead, as you lay down on her sofa with large chunks of crystals applied to various spots on your body, she uses her psychic abilities to locate the precise problem. Bingham is very skilled at helping you to heal and open your heart and ultimately learn to accept yourself. Be ready for the physical side effects as well, which could make you feel weepy and spaced-out even though everyone reacts differently. 



Eddy Elsey is a shamanic healer who divides his time between the Midlands and serving as a resident spiritual advisor at the Mandrake. He is dynamic and pro-active in his therapy. Elsey prepares you for sessions by fusing shamanic with his own philosophical beliefs. You are stripped down to your most basic self at this time, with no sex, drugs, or alcohol for 24 hours prior to the session, and no perfume or cosmetics the day of the therapy. Shaman Eddy's sessions are rigorous, from the consultation to the drumming and calling on his spirit team and yours, taking his customers on a profound experiential journey. Shaman Eddy is meticulous and works rapidly, tapping into your body and spirit. 



Natalie Eve's two-hour sessions are next-level blissful experiences. Starting with an in-depth consultation where you will learn your dosha type to her signature deep massage strokes along your marma points where you are drizzled in various oils all over Eve has a unique knowledge of the body's emotional language; by using varying degrees of manipulation, she releases deeply ingrained trauma and concealed. Eve has a special grasp of the body's emotional language. Using varying degrees of manipulation, she may release long-repressed trauma and hidden emotion while also relieving severe tension and stress. You leave the session  with a sense of vigor, emotional stability, and spiritual abundance.



Fiongal Greenlaw-Meek is one of the most well known tarot readers in London, and for a good reason. He has an ability to look inward of the direction you need guidance from, advised and led by the spirits that connect with him. Fiongal is the founder of spiritual haven The Wellness Foundry, and is the person to see when wishing to listen to what the cards have to share with you. 



Osteopath Kristian Wood addresses the fact that there is frequently more to physiological aches and pains than first appears. Although he is skilled at treating wounds, his healing methods go much further than that during his consultations. A session with Wood may involve some physical contact to free a tense muscle or nerve, and the remaining time is made up of a combination of energy healing and therapy to permanently loosen pain brought on by mental tension and blockages. You can find Kristian in charming Notting Hill, at The Well Clinic, on 8-9 Lambton Place. 



The Brazilian-born shaman Andrea Arare  is empathetic, perceptive, and intelligent. She carefully gathers and cocoons those under her care during her sessions in London. Although she specializes in treating women, most husbands and boyfriends approach her after seeing her results, which were attained by combining somatic therapy with shamanic techniques like ancestral healing, soul retrieval, and chakra alignment, as well as using tools and methods she has been learning for the past 30 years. (She is fervent about fertility.) She is unfazed by anything, and she works quickly to provide you fresh perspectives on your personality while assisting you in overcoming any barriers standing in your way by reading and influencing energetic imprints.  



Luissa is a multidimensional coach and healer on a mission to bring ‘peace’ to the planet. She was signed to FORD Models and was one of the UK’s most successful beauty queen’s. Luissa’s background was in the modelling industry but after a series of spiritual awakenings, she uses her talents, skills and intuitive gifts to help others take the path of “Self Peace” as a leader of the New Earth paradigm. 

Luissa is now a shamanicly trained cacaoista and underwent an intensive cacao training with an experienced shaman whereby she was initiated into ‘la medicina’. This included daily micro-dosing of the medicine along with sitting in numerous ceremonies along with extensive classes and tools training. Mama cacao gifted Luissa with an icaro. It is this activation in the medicine which gives the maximum impact and results for her clients.