Power of the Moon and Jewels we love

Power of the Moon and Jewels we love

For the upcoming Full Moon taking place on the 1st of August, we wanted to take this time and dive deeper, as to why we may feel more sensitive around the time of full moon, how does it impact us and what we can do to use the full moon to our utmost advantage. 

The belief that the full moon has a significant impact on human behavior and emotions has been deeply ingrained in folklore and cultural traditions for centuries. As humans we are made of 70% of water. The Moon and the Earth exert gravitational pull causing the oceans to bulge out on both side closest to the Moon and side farthest from the Moon. 

The Full Moon is the time to observe your behavior and pay attention to our emotions. What are our triggers, what have we been wanting to let go of. It’s a fantastic time, to reflect what direction we wish to go next. The buildup of the emotions usually starts happening few days before the moon aligns with the planets. The more distressed one is feeling, that can help us to re navigate the path we are on. Surrender and dive deep into yourself to gain the answers, you have been seeking on the outside. 

Our personal way of handling the full moon and making the most out of it, to my personal growth and goal achievement journey. Are the following steps. I begin the full moon ceremony, by journaling all of the emotions I have been experiencing for the past few days, trying to dive deep and spot my triggers and behavioral patterns that don’t serve me. In other words, one could call it, a monthly behavioral clean up. 

Then I proceed onto lighting up sage and burning “ The Lunatic” candle, which helps me to connect with my spirit guides. I then proceed into writing down on a piece of paper, all of the emotions and things, that no longer serve me and I am letting go off that. Once, that is finished, I destroy the list, depending where I am, when possible I will throw it into the fire, or alternatively just shred into pieces. Lastly, I do a relaxing guided meditation, one of my favorites on insight timer is Kenneth Soares. Ending my ritual with a positive outlook on the world with raised vibrations. 

‘ Wow’s Moon inspired objects of desire - an Edit”

"Lunatic"  Scented Candle


Moon pendant saphir


Moon pendant emerald

Moon bracelet m-o-p


Moon bracelet Onyx


Moon pendant citrine