COTTON TALES - Wing of Wisdom

Isn’t it interesting how we often overlook the humble elements of life? Take fibres… we make a fuss of cashmere and silk yet take the simple cotton plant for granted. I’d like to change this and take time to celebrate the incredible character of cotton when it’s grown sustainably and with care. This week I received samples of the blank cotton T-shirt we’ve been developing for the new collection. We’re working with a great team in Portugal to create these garments for us - the very important canvases for the beautiful embroidery and beading which will be applied here in the UK. The quality of their cotton is nothing short of exceptional and that’s not an exaggeration. Once you wear it, you can happily live in it day and night. Silky soft and supple, woven in the perfect weight and thickness, cut in an ultra flattering silhouette – this is a jewel of a garment and we can’t wait to share it with you. 

On the subject of production, we only work with individuals, partners, suppliers who share our values and vision for a sustainable future. We know the manufacturers we champion ensure their workers are well paid, happy at work, get enough breaks and holidays, embrace recycling and source their cotton from approved and accredited sources. More details to follow on our website very soon… 

See you next week,

Cathy x