Unlocking the World of "Wings of Wisdom" at Inside Number Twelve's Home

Unlocking the World of "Wings of Wisdom" at Inside Number Twelve's Home

In the heart of the United Kingdom, something magical happened in the depth of the countryside. As we pull up with Yulia, our remarkable photographer and creative director for the shoot, we were greeted by the cutest little pug: Rita. What happened next? A remarkable collaboration unfolded, merging the worlds of design, symbolism, fashion, and fine jewellery. Enter: Inside Number Twelve, a home brimming with exquisite interiors and influencer charm, which quickly became the canvas for an extraordinary photoshoot. The theme? All eyes on Glen Handley’s seamlessly blends aesthetics with profound symbolism, a Wings of Wisdom dream.

Glen, the visionary behind Inside Number Twelve, masterfully curated every detail, infusing the house with elements that whisper stories of wisdom and inspiration. Each room, corner, and artefact is a testament to a design style that goes beyond the surface, inviting us to explore deeper meanings.

We were also particularly interested in Glen’s ability to make everything look polished, luxurious, indulgent: all this with the combination of his serious DIY skills and gift to stick to a small budget whilst uncompromising on the high-end finish and finished look. We won’t lie, some of the shoot turned into an express-class in making arched cupboards and ceiling lamps straight out of a Vogue Living magazine.

As part of this captivating shoot, Glen himself stepped into the spotlight, modelling our embroidered T-shirts that beautifully complemented the surroundings.


But the allure didn't stop there. Glen also adorned himself with our Shifted Paradigm fine jewellery pieces in 18k gold, a stunning collection that elevated the shoot to another level of opulence. These pieces, carefully selected to harmonize with the theme, added a touch of elegance that resonated with the symbolism embedded throughout the house.

Our three candles from our A Thrillsome Trio collection, with their warm and enchanting glow, played their role in enhancing the ambiance. Their presence added an extra layer of charm and sophistication to the already mesmerizing setting.

We’ll leave you to take in the outdoor space too…

Stay tuned as we take you on a visual journey through the world of "Wings of Wisdom" at Inside Number Twelve's home. Discover how design, fashion, and fine jewellery harmonize with profound symbolism to create an experience that transcends ordinary aesthetics.

We hope you enjoy flicking through as much as we do….